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How to Tell If Your Dog Has a Cold

It’s that time of year again when the temperatures drop, and sniffles and sneezes become far more common. However, cold symptoms don’t just affect people. They can also occur in your dog! Learn more about dog colds and how you can recognize if your dog’s experiencing one. What Causes Dog Colds? There isn’t one virus […]

Do Dental Chews Work?

As a pet owner, you’ve probably noticed no shortage of dental chews that claim to improve the oral health of your dog or cat. But how good are they? Can they replace brushing? And what kind should you buy anyway? Keep reading for our take on chews, so you can keep your pet’s teeth in […]

How to Remove a Tick from a Dog

As much as we love warm weather, there’s one thing we could do without in the summertime—ticks and fleas. However, we don’t expect to get our way anytime soon, so this is a great time of year to discuss how to prevent fleas and ticks, and what you should do should the worst occur. How […]

Why Every Office Needs a Dog

Did you know that dog-friendly workplaces are on the rise? It’s true. In 2013, only 5% of companies allowed employees to bring their dogs to work. Today, that number’s climbed to 8%.   And we’re not talking about little mom-and-pop shops either. Plenty of big businesses allow dogs at the office, including corporate behemoths like […]

Amazing Dog Biscuit Recipes Your Pup Will Love

Dog Biscuit Recipes

Do you want to reward your pup with some delectable delights? If so, we can help. We’ve combed the Internet for the best dog biscuit recipes. Keep reading to learn our top picks for the “doggone” best biscuits you’ll find anywhere. What Tempting & Tasty Dog Biscuits Can I Delight My Dog With? Peanut Butter […]

After-Hours Emergencies

After many years of offering after-hours care to your pets, we are ending this service.  We have emergency veterinary hospitals in our area with emergency teams and specialists available at all times to serve those emergencies and they can handle those situations much more quickly and efficiently than we can.  We have great trust in MedVet and OSU […]

Fall Photo Event

Join SAVE Ohio Pets and socialize with special guest, Dr. Kelli French while your pup has a photo shoot. We will have baked goods and hot apple cider for sale. When: Sunday, November 11th Where: BVH parking lot Time: 10am-1pm Nail trims: $10 Photos: $10 (We will email you two pictures within a week. If […]

What You Should Know About Columbus, Ohio Leash Laws

As a good pet owner, it’s important to remain in-the-know when it comes to Columbus and Ohio leash laws. To prevent you from reading pages of boring legalese, we’ve got the leash law basics right here. Read on to learn which leash laws apply to our region and where you can take your dog off-leash. […]

Why it’s Important to Groom Your Dog

Dogs require regular grooming. Otherwise, they start to stink, their fur gets matted, and their nails begin to click on the floor. While those may seem like important reasons to groom your dog, they’re just for starters. Read on to learn more reasons you should groom your dog, how often your dog needs to be […]

How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth

As much as people love their dogs, many pet parents are neglectful when it comes to cleaning their dog’s teeth. Usually, this is because they don’t know how to do it, or they’re not sure why it’s important. To help you out, we want to explain why it’s a good idea to brush at home […]