Stem Cell Regeneration

Stem cell therapy is one of the great breakthroughs in regenerative medicine. Beechwold Veterinary Hospital in collaboration VetStem is able to administer stem cell injections for a variety of medical and orthopedic conditions. The most common use is for osteoarthritis where adipose (fat) derived stem cells are injected directly into arthritic degenerative joints and also given as intravenous injections.  The growth factors provided by the stem cells aid the joint in healing and rebuilding normal tissue. These adult stem cells are also called mesynchymal stem cells and are not to be confused with embryonic stem cells at the center of many ethical debates.

The procedure consists of collecting a small sample of fat from the patient and sending it overnight  to the VetStem labs in San Diego, California. The stem cells are isolated then shipped back to us, and within 48 hours, we are able to utilize the cells for our patients benefit. Patients can often experience reduction in pain and increased mobility very quickly after injection.

This procedure has shown to provide a positive response in majority of patients with effects seen within the first month of injection. 85 percent of patients have a reduction of pain medication and improved quality of life. A stem cell sample is retained and stored so future treatments are possible without collecting fat again. This is a great state of the art, non drug therapy for patients suffering from osteoarthritis pain.

Stems cells can also be used for tendon and ligament injuries and current studies are evaluating their use in kidney and liver disease as well as other medical conditions. Regenerative medicine is a new and exciting innovation that we can offer our patients.


Steminsure is a service offered where stem cells can be harvested from fat during a surgical procedure such as a spay, neuter, or any other procedure requiring anesthesia.  The tissue sample is sent to Vetstem and cultured and stored for future use.

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