Read Our Update Regarding COVID-19

Beechwold Veterinary Hospital COVID – 19 Update (3/20/20)

In response to the current COVID–19 outbreak, Beechwold Veterinary Hospital has suspended all face to face appointments – with the exception of end of life services (euthanasia). Whave also suspended all non-urgent walk in services (nail trims, non-urgent anal gland expressions, progesterone testing).  

We are still seeing sick pets and pets that are currently in the process of completing their vaccine series (puppies/kittens) and pets who are or will very soon be overdue for their rabies vaccination.We are also still administering allergy injections as needed. If you have questions regarding an issue your pet is having but are unsure if it is urgent, please call us and we can determine how we can best help. Additionally, if you need to pick-up food or a medication, please call from the parking lot and a client services member will assist completing your purchase.  

To best continue to serve our community (both humans and pets) we have designed a modified appointment protocol.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to adapt to maintain the safety of our staff while still providing this essential service.   

Please follow the instructions below for any upcoming appointment:  

  1. When you arrive, please call from the parking lot to checkin. If you enter the office, we will direct you to return to your car and call to check-in. Check in should include providing reception with your cell phone number for the doctor to call and discuss physical exam findingstreatment plans, etc. Please confirm if you have a phone that automatically blocks all incoming blocked/private calls – if this is the case, the doctor seeing your pet will need to use a clinic phone when a line is available to complete the consultation.  Please note that this may cause a delay in calling you as we have limited-unblocked lines.
  2. Following the phone check-in, a staff member will come to your vehicle to retrieve your pet. You may walk your pet to the door of the clinic if necessary. All dogs must be leashed using a slip lead BVH will provide– NO EXCEPTIONS. All cats must be in carriers – NO EXCEPTIONS.  
  3. Exam will then be performed inside the hospitaby the doctor who will then call to discuss the consultation with you as you wait outside in your vehicle. Please answer all blocked phone calls during your appointment as this will likely be the doctor calling to discuss your pet’s exam. 
  4. Following completion of exam and treatment, reception will call you to take payment over the phone.  
  5. Following payment, a staff member will return your pet to you in the parking lot using the same method they used for retrieval.