The Best Pet Care Gifts to Make This Season Bright!

Snow DogHaving a pet can be a real-budget buster! Help out a friend or relative pet-owner by giving them the gift of pet health without sacrificing their wallet. This Christmas, let your friend or family member know how much you care about them by treating their furry companion to one of the following services offered at Beechwold Veterinary Hospital:

Bathing Services

We offer bathing services to offer pets a number of health benefits. Regular bathing can help control shedding, provides a routine check for fleas and ticks, and can help identify any other health issues affecting a pet. We use a gentle brushing method to help relax our furry friends and give coats a healthy finish. We also use natural shampoos and conditioners to prevent any skin irritation. We also offer nail care and the expression of anal glands as routine parts of our bathing service to give all pets comprehensive grooming care.

Dental Care

We offer in-office dental care for cats and dogs and use an ultrasonic scaler for safe, thorough cleansing. Your friend may also choose to have their pet’s teeth polished or treated with flouride to strengthen enamel and reduce sensitivity. Give the gift of a healthy smile to your loved one’s best-loved companion this Christmas!


No one hopes to lose their pet, but sometimes pets break off their leads, wander too far, or are unexpectedly let out and lose their way. Having a lost pet can happen to anyone and microchipping is the best way to guarantee they safely find their way home. Gifting a loved one with pet microchipping lets them know how much you understand the bond they have with their pet.

Advanced Obedience Classes

Do you have a friend who loves to show what a good listener their dog is? Give the gift of advanced obedience classes to further a dog’s learning and performing capabilities. At this class, a dog will learn a variety of off-the-leash commands in a supportive, fun environment. Your friend will forever be grateful for an exceptionally well-behaved dog.

Give the gift of pet care through Beechwold Veterinary Hospital this Christmas. Happy holidays to you and your pets from the team at Beechwold!