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Our Columbus Veterinarians

At Beechwold Veterinary Hospital, we treat each and every pet as one of our own. To that end, our veterinarians deliver skillful and thoughtful care in the treatment of your pet.

Many of our veterinarians began their careers as a staff member at Beechwold – be it resident or intern – and have chosen to continue their professional careers after seeing the quality of care that we deliver first-hand.

Our Beechwold vets are the finest animal doctors in Columbus. Find out what sets our vets apart from the rest:   

  • Our veterinarians are highly educated and credentialed by some of the best schools in the nation, including The Ohio State University
  • Beechwold vets are highly experienced and well-rounded with years of practice in a wide range of animal care
  • Our team of animal doctors is extensively involved in the Columbus community by being active in many professional memberships
  • Many of our vets volunteer for several Columbus animal foundations
  • Each of our vets is extremely compassionate and caring with a deep passion for the health and well being of all animals


Find out more about our Columbus veterinarians by clicking on their individual links below:

 When you bring your pet to Beechwold, we understand that a trip to the vet can be a stressful and unsettling experience for your animal. Our friendly veterinarians make it their priority to create a relaxing, safe, and gentle environment for both owner and pet. We’d like to think that our patients love their visits with us!

Your pet is an important part of your family and deserves to be treated with love and compassion anywhere they go. Here at Beechwold Veterinary Hospital, we believe that we have the finest veterinarians in Columbus, Ohio. Bring your pet into our Clintonville practice today and experience the quality care offered at Beechwold Veterinary Hospital.