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3 Tips to Easily Bathe Your Dog at Home

While you might be comfortable bathing yourself regularly, you may be less thrilled about the idea of cleaning your dog. For far too many pet owners, this task can seem like an especially arduous one. However, we’re happy to help. Allow us to demystify the process and explain our top tips for easily giving your […]

Should I Cut My Dog’s Nails at Home?

For many pet owners, trimming a dog’s nails is one of the most intimidating acts they can undertake. While on the surface it seems pretty simple, nail trimming can be challenging if you’re new to the activity. But, don’t worry! We have tips on how to trim your dog’s nails, why it’s so important, and […]

Is Your Pet’s Dental Health Really That Important?

YES. Okay, no need to read further. Just kidding! We’ll explain exactly why taking good care of your pet’s dental health is so important. The more you know, the better you’ll get at picking up that doggie toothbrush! Why Is Pet Dental Care So Important? Not only will a dental visit make your pet’s breath […]

Beechwold Vet Named in Columbus Dispatch Top Picks

We are thrilled to announce that Beechwold Veterinary Hospital has been named in Columbus Top Picks this year. We’ve been ranked second only to our friends at OSU for “Best Veterinary Hospital” and we’re delighted to be in such good company. The Cbus Top Picks is an annual competition hosted by The Columbus Dispatch featuring […]

5 Reasons Your Dog Should Be Professionally Trained

While it is possible to train a dog at home, it can be greatly beneficial to send your new puppy to a training center. With a proper, professional course, dogs can learn the things they need to know the right way from an early age. Professional dog trainers have dedicated their lives to furthering their […]

How to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Active This Winter

Everyone knows that the busy schedule of the holidays, combined with lavish meals and cold temperatures can easily lead to a little weight gain. Going through the motions of exercise and healthy eating can be difficult with so much delicious holiday food around, or when there’s snow making it a bit harder for you to […]

How to Prepare for A Pet Emergency

Every responsible parent or pet owner knows that you can’t predict the future. While you do your best to keep your pet safe and within your care, there is always a chance something can go wrong. Since you can’t keep them safe from absolutely everything, the next best thing to do is plan and prepare […]

How to Help Your Dog Maintain a Healthy Weight

Most dog owners know about the basics of keeping a dog happy and healthy for as long as possible. Whether it’s regularly scheduled vet visits, preventative medicine, or staying away from dangerous foods, these actions help keep a dog healthy throughout their life. But most owners don’t quite understand the impact that a proper diet […]

Join Us for the 4th Annual Dog Wash!

When: Sunday, August 14th Where: Beechwold Veterinary Hospital parking lot 4590 Indianola Avenue   Columbus, OH 43214 Time: 10am-1pm Dog bath: $10 Nail trim: $5 Special Guest: Dr. Kelli French Also for the month of August, round up your purchases at BVH to the next dollar and we will donate that money to Faithful Forgotten Best Friends! […]

Your New Puppy Guide

Have you just adopted a new puppy? Our guide discusses everything you need to know about welcoming your puppy home. From supplies you need to vaccinations and how to start instilling good habits we break down what you need to know about new puppy care. What You Need Bringing home a new puppy requires thoughtful […]